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Winter is Coming: DIY Duster Coat

Yes, winter is indeed coming. Not in the Stark sense of impending doom but a prediction of cold Aussie winter. Summer heat has been replaced by cool winds and crisp air. It’s still a bit hot some afternoons but the days of scorching sunlight and burning temperatures are gone . I won’t complain too much. Cold weather is a much needed respite from maddening heat.

It’s technically mid-autumn. Just the right weather for lightweight sweaters, coats and jackets. I need to change my wardrobe to match the season. What better time to learn to make cold weather clothes than now when it’s not yet full blown winter. I’ve been searching for fall/winter patterns. I’d like to learn to make a few bright pieces to add to the dull greys and black clothes that’s usually in stores this season.

So this week’s project happens to be my favourite out of the eight I’ve made so far. It’s a duster coat made with a gorgeous, indigo-dyed Adire fabric.

It’s a beautiful coat. See for yourself.


The Pattern

I used Simplicity Pattern 8177 by DIY fashion queen MiMi G Style. Mimi G is a major brand in the sewing/DIY fashion world. She’s so bloody talented. She has several patterns with Simplicity which are on my list. This particular pattern was such a breeze to make. There is no reason I can’t have a duster coat in every colour and fabric I can lay my hands on.

There are nine pattern pieces for the long-sleeved coat. I didn’t even need to use the sewing instructions because Mimi G has a step-by-step tutorial. She has a tutorial for all her patterns and a sewing basics video for newbies with no idea where to start.

The process and my rating..

I chose to make the long-sleeved coat in size small. I cut the pattern pieces and fabric Friday night and made the entire coat on a Saturday. Level of complexity for this is definitely beginner. There is a video y’all. Can’t get easier than that.

Let me just reiterate how much I love this coat. Fabric is Adire from Adirelounge, my one and only supplier in Nigeria. I’m thinking of getting more of this same fabric. Colour is stunning. It will look great as a handbag.

That’s it.

Thank you for reading. Please tell me know what you think. Like. Share. Comment.

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