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    The Beginning of Something Beautiful

    I had good intentions when I started this blog. I was living in my home town, Calabar, at the time and wanted to write about Efik culture, food, natural skincare and just about any exciting event. A few months into it, I left for a post-graduate degree like a “good” Nigerian kid.

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    I See Black People

    I’ve been in Sydney for a while now and I’ve never seen so many Africans in one place as I did at the event I attended this weekend. It was all very exciting to me.
    The first few months, I wondered where the Africans were.  Did they refuse to come to Australia because it’s too damn far like everyone keeps complaining about?
    I’d keep my eyes peeled for any sign of ebony in a bus or while walking on the street. Seeing one was a big deal. I learned to look them straight in the eye, smile and nod in silent greeting. As if to say “I see you fellow African.  Peace be unto you.

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    Wine Drinking For The Novice

    I don’t enjoy drinking. I was that party pooper who prefers water or orange juice at a party where everyone else is getting slammed. On the rare occasion where I wanted to fit in with the “cool” kids, I’d settle for a glass of wine.

    I knew nothing about wine varieties and their taste profiles. I just ordered a “nice” glass of wine. But now that my wine vocabulary has improved, I can do better than simply ask for a “nice” red or white wine. I can tell you that I like a light, off-dry Semillon or a Riesling. On the top of my list is a fruity Moscato.

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