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Food Diary: My Thai Fried Rice

I like to eat and one of my favourite things to talk about is food. If you go back to my earlier posts, you’d notice that I wrote about Efik cuisine. I may not have the pleasure of eating my local dishes now but I’ve discovered a variety of food from other cultures.

Like Southeast Asian cuisine. I went through a phase in Uni where I ate mostly Vietnamese pork rolls and Malaysian Roti with Curry. Now, I’m in the Thai food phase. I like the combination of flavours from lemongrass, ginger, garlic (sometimes too much garlic!) and chilli in Thai food. The Thais definitely know how to serve the heat in a meal when you ask for it.

I go to restaurants and order very spicy food only to be served something rather bland masquerading as “very spicy.” I’m usually very disappointed but I get it though. It’s the environment. Not many people here can handle fiery food.

Even my favourite Thai spot in the city (Chat Thai) serves mild food. They only give me my level of heat when I insist. In Thai.

“Phet Mak-Mak”

That’s Thai for “very spicy.”

I like the amused look on the server’s face when I say that. But she’s always happy to oblige. 

Since I like Thai fried rice so much, I went in search of a recipe to make some myself. It turns out that something so good is also rather simple to make. 

What I liked about this is that I didn’t need to go out and buy a lot of stuff. I had almost everything in the house.


  • Boiled Jasmine rice (boiled the day before. This works really well apparently)
  • Shrimp 
  • Half white onion
  • Green onions
  • Thai chillies (Birdseye chillies)
  • Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage. I didn’t have Chinese broccoli which the original recipe called for)
  • Garlic
  • 1 egg
  • Soy sauce
  • Oyster sauce
  • Canola oil

Notice there is no salt or seasoning cube required.

The oyster sauce and soy sauce add the salty element to the dish. There is really no need for any other type of seasoning.

Here’s my gorgeous plate of Thai fried rice. I used shrimp but you can substitute this with chicken or beef.

The Thais have a chilli sauce that is an essential accompaniment to fried rice and other Thai rice dishes. It’s made with Thai chillies, fish sauce and lime. It may look really spicy because of all that chilli floating in the sauce but it’s actually not. It’s mostly salty and has a fishy flavour to it but also quite savoury.

I have Mark Wiens to thank for this easy fried rice recipe. I discovered his street food videos on YouTube and have been following him ever since.

I hope you try this recipe. It’s perfect for that leftover boiled rice that you have in your fridge.

Stay tuned for my next attempt at cooking another classic Thai dish.

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