It's My Birthday!

Makeup by Thulie @styledbythulie
On this day, several years ago, a beautiful princess was born to an influential Efik chieftain of a riverine tribe in Bakassi kingdom. She would grow in wisdom to embrace her Efik roots despite having the spirit of wanderlust. She is Eneanwan to the Efiks. Rosemary to others and one of the few skinny Efik gals who refuses to add on "assets."

Happy Boxing Day Birthday to me. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you my amazing readers. 

Stay safe!

8 comments on "It's My Birthday!"
  1. A prosperous birthday girl,wishing you amazing life henceforth, you shall blossom.

    1. Thank you so much Dup zzy. Happy holidays to you!

  2. Happy birthday Raqua. Dont curb that wanderlust spirit 😊

  3. Happy Birthday my dear,

    You look stunningly Lupita-esque. :-)

    I wish you the very best of God's blessings!

  4. Ha @ stunningly Lupita-esque. Hmm Nedu I accept o. Thank you for the wish

  5. Really pretty picture!

  6. Hi Cassie. Thank you for the compliment and for visiting... I like your blog!


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