That's how Australians say Australia. Straya. I've discovered that Aussies like to abbreviate a lot. I added a funny video by two Australians, at the end of the post, that explains how you can speak Stralian.

But first, I'd like to briefly answer some questions that my friends have posed. Maybe you're also wondering how it is down under. Do you imagine Kangaroos running wild, sunny weather, beautiful picturesque beaches and gorgeous Aussie men with their distinctive drawl?

Or you spend countless hours watching NatGeoWild that you're convinced there are loads of dangerous animals and poisonous insects that attack people at every turn. 

I’m happy to note that I haven’t seen any slithering, venomous creatures. Unfortunately, no Kangaroos have crossed my path either. Turns out I might have to go all the way outback for a Kangaroo sighting. Very disappointing.

For the weather, I landed here in July. Winter starts at about June and winds down in August. Those deceiving Aussie tourism ads don’t say anything about that. It’s always pictures of sunny beaches and smiley faces. I wore a light sweater when I got here. A strong, cold wind slapped me as soon as I stepped out of the airport. Any thoughts of aimless strolls at the beach was wiped out of my head. To be fair though, the temperature hasn’t dropped to what I experienced in Canada.

My friends have also asked about “hot” Aussie men. I’m afraid I haven’t hit the jackpot just yet. It’s too cold now to hunt. I’ll wait until summer when a lot of packages are on display. Then, I can give my informed opinion.

Ok. Now that I've got that out of the way, here's the video on how to speak Stralian.

It's all about abbreviating. Even if it doesn’t make sense.

Some ridiculous examples:
Mosquito – Mozzie
Biscuit – Biccy
Chocolate Biscuit – Chocobiccy
Dinner – Din-dins
Afternoon – Arvo
This afternoon – S’arvo
Mosquito – Mozzie
Expensive - Exxy

4 comments on "Straya"
  1. Hey SEG,

    I am laughing so hard, I thought "Avanavo" was it until I heard "Povvo" XD

    1. Hey Nedoux,

      I know. Ridiculous isn't it? haha..

  2. It's good one mate, looking forward to them outback pics


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