Oz Fact: A Bar Is A Hotel

A hotel is a bar and a bar is a hotel. I was just as confused as you are now when I discovered this little piece of information. I had no idea. How can a bar be a hotel, you ask? That's exactly how it is here. A hotel refers to two things. 

There's the cozy (or not so cozy) lodging that you pay to stay during holidays or other short-term trips.

Like this popular one.

Then, there’s the other hotel.

A Drinking hole or pub.

Like this one.

...and this one.

I found this fascinating. There's a reason for this anomaly, I was told. It has something to do with liquor licensing, dating back to the nineteenth century, which only allowed sales of alcohol to travellers. Something like that. Read about it here.

But hang on. Apparently, there's nothing strange about this hotel-bar phenomenon. Merriam Webster tells me that a public house (or pub) and a tavern are synonyms for a hotel. That information eluded me. But now I know. 

And so do you.

When you head here for a vacation (you most definitely should!), make sure you check to see that you're going to a hotel accommodation and not a watering hole.

Have a wonderful weekend.
4 comments on "Oz Fact: A Bar Is A Hotel "
  1. Hey SEG,

    More hilarious Aussie wonders, lol.

    Have a lovely weekend :-)

  2. who knew? and here we were proceeding with our lives with such a vital information unnoticed. even though small but this is so informatory. little things matter the most in life. i love your blog, keep updating!


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