Ekoki Ibokpot - Efik Corn Pudding

How do you like your corn? Boiled or roasted? I like mine in Ekoki. It's corn season. The only time we get to make this quintessential Efik dish that is cooked with freshly-cut corn. The kind that is milky and sweet. Ekoki is a delicious meal but it requires painstaking preparation.

The first step is the unwrapping process. Peeling layer after layer of the husk to reveal the cob decorated with corn seeds.

Next is the rather laborious process of separating the seeds from the cob. 
There are a number of ways to do this. Traditionally, a grater is used. Another way is to pry them out using a knife or a spoon. We do both. 

Then the seeds have to be blended or smashed in a mortar. Pounding retains a lot of the grainy texture that I like.
Pound fresh pepper with the corn to a smooth consistency. Then smoked fish and crayfish go in. The pestle is now used to mix the ingredients together in a swirling motion.

Palmoil gives it that lovely, yellow colour. Add shrimps for added effect. For spices,  salt, Maggi and crayfish are all you really need to achieve the local Ekoki. Add water and more oil until you get your preferred texture.

I'm yet to master the delicate art of wrapping using moin-moin leaves. My mom is the expert. Hopefully, I inherit the skill someday. 

Neatly wrapped Ekoki placed on a bed of moin-moin leaves inside the pot. Slowly add hot water around the edge of the pot. The Ekoki is ready to be steamed.

The result 50 minutes to an hour later. Cooking time really depends on the size of the wrap.

So, how do you like your corn?
9 comments on "Ekoki Ibokpot - Efik Corn Pudding"
  1. "SEG.blogspot, Inspiring domestic goddesses and 9 yards of wife material, since Jan 2015..."

    Hmmm, my mouth watered, I could almost taste the ekoki o :-).

    I enjoy 'process' and I appreciate step-by-step details. Thank you for showing us how to prepare ekoki. I feel like an expert after reading this well written post.

    Lol, Indeed, wrapping with moin-moin leaves is a "delicate art", I don't know how to do it :-D

    I like my corn roasted and eaten with boiled pear (Ube).

    1. LOL Nedoux you just gave me a fantastic tagline "inspiring domestic goddesses and 9 yards of wife material, since Jan 2015."

      I like the classic roasted corn and Ube (Eben, pronounced ehh-ben, in Efik) too.

      I appreciate your continued support. Thank you

    2. This reminds me of my youth in bayside, Efut street, Beecroft area

  2. You have to do a video master class n how to wrap the ekoki leaves, cause mehn is not easy at all

  3. I looovvveeeeeee Ekurki!! It is one of the delicacies I always make sure I eat (in addition to 404 and Ekpang Nkwukwo) before I leave each time I visit Naija. Sometimes, when people coming over ask what I want them to bring for me - gues what I request for? Yes - dry corn!! I blend it over here and make the Ekurki myself.

    1. Calabar Gal, I laughed hard when I read your 404 comment. I don't eat it myself but my people swear by it. You just gave me an idea for making ekoki out of dry corn. I'll try it out.

      Thank you for visiting.

  4. Thanks for the post. Brings back childhood memories. Will definitely try it out. Do you think you can post the process for Asa Ibokpot (Corn porridge).

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I haven't had Asa Ibokpot in a long time. Sadly, I cannot do a post about it because I don't have access to any of our local ingredients where I am. I left Calabar sometime ago.

  5. Very impressive. Great job! I know it when recipes add up, and yours does. Keep up the good work. God bless you!


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