Efik Maiden (Nkugho)

I've been away for a while. There's a reason for that. I moved base. I left Nigeria about two weeks ago to fly 21 hours down under.  I've been busy ever since. You know how it is when you're trying to settle down in an unfamiliar terrain. 

Obviously, the blog will now reflect my lifestyle in the new environment. I live in a beautiful city with imposing architectural structures and picturesque landscapes. 

There are pockets of exciting things to see. Beautiful places to explore. Lots of exotic food and of course, choices of wine and sparkly bubbly.  

Before leaving Calabar, I did a photoshoot, dressed as an Efik nkugho (maiden) to showcase an important part of our culture.  

This attire is one of three worn by an Efik bride on the day of her traditional marriage. It is also worn by the nkugho at her "coming out" ceremony after she has spent several weeks in the fattening room

For those of you that have been curious to see what I look like, this is me.

Getting spruced up for the photoshoot. 

 I had the traditional face paint done with Ndom (white chalk).

The complete look.

Photoshoot at Marina Resort.

Bakassi's Next Top Model.

I couldn't wear this outfit without attempting Ekombi - the traditional dance of the Efiks. It is a mesmerizing, graceful dance that mimics the wavy movement of the ocean. I don't look so graceful in the pictures but I'm actually quite skilled at it. 

Queen of the Nile.

This guy was nice enough to lend us his canoe. 

Being a riverine gal, this was no big deal.

One of my favourite pictures because of the coconut tree in the background. 

The brass combs are made from the same material that is used to make the  akpangkpang (Efik brass tray). The first daughter wears the longest and the most intricate style on her traditional marriage day. 

My faithful subjects and coordinators of the day.

Other photos of Marina Resort.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures. I had fun doing the photoshoot and I'm glad I could showcase this part of my culture before leaving. 

Cheers from Sydney!

15 comments on "Efik Maiden (Nkugho)"
  1. Wahoooo! @skinnyefikgal on da fleekest!👌Darn! You rocked this custume wella...this is dope! #splufik😻💋😍

    1. Nnyen thank you. Maybe you should do one with the Etung costume? lol

  2. STUNNING! Tradition is so beautiful, embracing one's unique identity is the beginning of self-love.

    SEG, you are a pretty lady. Honestly, you deserve to be the cultural ambassador of CRS. These photos should be placed on a massive billboard by the "Welcome to Cross River State" entry point. :-)

    I wish you the very best in your new phase, new city and all.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    1. Thank you Nedoux. Your words are like honey in my tea (and I love honey!). We have a rich cultural heritage in Nigeria and I wish we'd embrace that more.

  3. You look gorgeous in the photo shoot. I would say you define what 2face idebia sang in the song African Queen.

  4. Nice one, the Efik culture is beautiful

    1. It truly is a culture that I'm proud to identify with. Thanks Emeka

  5. You are beautiful! Love the traditional costume and a glimpse into your cultural heritage.

  6. Bakassi's Next Top Model - I hail thee!! Lovely pictures. I on the other hand cant dance Ekombi to save my life. *sigh*

  7. Our costume is really beautiful and you made it even more beautiful. Kisses


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