For Nigerian Women Who Value Quality Over Pocket Size

We eat with our eyes first. If the food is visually appealing, we’re more inclined to take the first bite. And possibly a second and third bite. This also applies in a man-woman attraction scenario. At first meeting, the eyes skim the outward package, then as you get to know the person, you decide if the package has substance or if it’s shallow.  

There’s a high expectation for women to meet certain beauty standards — whatever these standards are — while men are not afforded the same level of scrutiny when it comes to physical appearance.

The general perception in Nigeria is that the depth of a man’s pocket is more important than his appearance. Rotundity or not, a man with a robust bank account balance will have women flocking to him like bees to honey. But women have to constantly deal with pressure to look good.

I recently overheard an arrogant clod describing his ideal “package” to his friends. He wanted a tall woman. Pretty face. Hourglass shape with flesh in all the right places. Porcelain skin. You would expect that with such a list, the man should at least look like a modern day Adonis. Far from it. He is pudgy with a dangerously protruding mid-section. Not even close to first class in the looks department.

I was tempted to chime in and tell him to carve out the calabash in his gut before demanding a woman with an hourglass shape. But you and I know that he can get what he wants. He’s a rich man in a society where wealth is valued above all else.

Thankfully, there are some women that don't subscribe to such idiocy. 

I speak for every Nigerian woman who prefers quality to pocket size. A man’s financial status shouldn’t make any woman blind to attitudes and attributes that she wouldn’t ordinarily be attracted to. A fat bank account doesn't give any man the right to demand pristine when he’s charcoal.

5 comments on "For Nigerian Women Who Value Quality Over Pocket Size"
  1. Word....word!! Men too should work on their looks and keep fit as this is healthy. A well built and intelligent man will attract a smart woman... a smart woman is just appealing, not an item you purchase but a personality of precious just want to spend aeons sand-papering your forehead on the crotch of an intelligent minx in gstrings....pardon my French!

  2. Errrrmm errrmmm oshimole exploits had us going G** Punish v shape and red lips, however speaking on behalf of pot belied men who like tall and slim and shapely. I have never been able to put my finger on what exactly attracts women to men generally. Or why women are so obsessed by what "their men own" (not even what they get sef)

  3. Hello SEG,

    This post made me laugh.

    The hilarity is how fuller pockets makes him feel entitled to the best picks, it becomes his God-given right. Lol

    Well written.

    1. Thanks nedoux. I don't understand the warped sense of entitlement that makes anyone demand qualities they clearly don't have...


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