Unripe Plantain Porridge with Periwinkles - Iwuk Ukom ye Mfi

If you like periwinkles (mfi) like I do, then you wouldn’t mind putting it in every meal. Except rice of course. I love it so much that I’ve actually boiled it separately with salt and added it to my pepper soup. Weird. I know. But we’re a family of jolly periwinkle eaters. We add it in most soups and there’s always a bag of the good stuff laying about just incase.

For Sunday lunch, I made plantain porridge with the spiky-shelled periwinkle. I prefer those ones to the smooth-shelled periwinkles because they are usually not bitter.

Feast your eyes on my Sunday lunch - Iwuk Ukom ye mfi 

The Ingredients

Notice I cut the plantain into tiny cubes. This is how we cook our plantain porridge. Sometimes, I like to mix in semi-ripe plantain but today, I used all unripe. You can scrape a bit of the plantain with a knife or grate it to thicken the porridge. I added smoked mackerel (nsad awede nwed iyak ice), smoked sole fish (nsad upek), meat and cow skin (ikpa enang)

Just like Iwuk Edesi (palmoil rice), the dry ingredients (pepper, salt, maggi, dry fish and crayfish) go in after the plantain. Then water and a bit of onions if you're using.

Oil goes in after it starts boiling. Then the smoked mackerel and the cow skin (and whatever pre-steamed meat you want in there):

Ahh my favourite part. Periwinkle time. That goes it as soon as everything is bubbling hard. I could have added it earlier too before adding the oil:

Finishing up by adding the cut scent leaves and the pumpkin leaves. 

And there it is:

Cooking time: 20 minutes if all the ingredients are laid out.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you try this if you haven't had it before. 
2 comments on "Unripe Plantain Porridge with Periwinkles - Iwuk Ukom ye Mfi"
  1. No no no no no! I'm reading this post by 2:55am and this just fueled my appetite for food. I am absolutely cooking this, this weekend. Amazing recipe!

  2. you find close to non blog where you get lucky to see the step by step tutorial for the recipe. it has almost become a blessing. for a dummie like me, your blog suits perfect


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