Spicy Lemongrass Fish Peppersoup

After the trip to the fish market, I had a craving for a simple, spicy Sole fish pepper soup (broth or just soup for non-Nigerians). Sole fish is a lean, fragile fish that tastes delicious with little seasoning.

Instead of cooking the normal fish pepper soup, I enhanced the flavour by using lemongrass-infused water. Lemongrass is a key ingredient in various Asian cuisines. I wanted to try it out. It was an absolute delight! 

The flavour and aroma of lemongrass and Iko (curry leaf) complimented the soft, succulent taste of Sole fish. I'm definitely going to use lemongrass with another scaly fish. 

The pictures

First step. Marinate. I let the Sole fish and Shrimps steep in a blend of pepper, a bit of ginger and onions for just 5 minutes. It's a lean fish and doesn't require prolonged marinating. I like pepper so I added a lot of it. 

I had already boiled the lemongrass for about 30 minutes. This is even better if it is allowed to soak overnight. 

The steamed fish. Avoid overcooking fish especially one like the Sole fish. This cooked for about three minutes. It still has to cook in lemongrass stock.

Adding the lemongrass stock. 

I threw in a few pieces of lemongrass stalk for added flavour.

Not forgetting my favourite seafood seasoning: Iko (curry leaf). The aroma of lemongrass and Iko permeated the entire kitchen. It's such a great combination for seafood. 

I paired the pepper soup with boiled sweet potato. I enjoyed the combination of  sweet and spicy. It's also good with boiled plantain, rice and yam.

What else can you do with lemongrass?

Since I had some remaining lemongrass, I made a therapeutic lemongrass and ginger tea. It helps in relieving pesky sore throat, cough and nasal congestion.

How it’s done

Simply cut the lemongrass stalk, ginger and add to a pot of water. For mine, I used a mortar to smash the ginger. Bring to a boil for up to an hour. Strain into a cup and drink hot or let it cool. Serve by itself or with honey.

This tea is diuretic. If you’re drinking it just before going to bed, be ready to wake up at intervals to urinate.

Lemongrass and Lime

My mom prepares this for mild fever. You just boil lemongrass stalk with washed, halved lime pieces for up to an hour. It has a strong, bitter taste especially after the first day. The taste requires getting used to. 
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  1. Lifesaver! Thanks EfikGal. And you say you're skinnyyyyy? :)

    Just 'found' you via Nedoux. I shall revisit often.


    1. EbonyDuchess welcome and thank you... please visit often. I will be snooping around your corner of the web as well...

  2. This looks like one very delicious recipe! I would love to try it but sole fish is not available in my country. I might try it with shrimps only, would that work?


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