Jollof Rice With Coconut Milk

I like all kinds of food. If it looks good and tastes good, I eat it. But since I’m currently living in the heart of Obio Efik (Efik land), surrounded by Efik kin, it’s only natural that I get to eat more of my local dish. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t make other kinds of food.

In fact, I’m like the consultant for all kinds of pepper soup and rice meals in my house. Jollof rice. Coconut rice. Fried rice. Concoction rice. Whatever rice. Everyone knows to call Adiaha (first daughter).

Today’s post features a recipe that I learned from my beautiful Ghanaian friend years back. One that I use whenever I'm hungry for Jollof rice.

The recipe requires just tomato puree (a blend of fresh, plum tomatoes, pepper, onions, ginger and garlic) and coconut milk. Absolutely NO WATER. Imagine rice cooked in just tomato sauce and coconut milk. Pure goodness I tell you!

My Jollof rice was paired with a side of Mackerel (Awede nwed) in greens (African spinach) sauce. 

The Process in Pictures


I like Basmati rice for cooking Jollof and fried rice. It's got a richer taste than regular rice and I like how pretty the tiny grains look in my plate. Weird, I know. As I learned, there's a method to cooking with Basmati for this recipe to get it to a perfect texture without adding water. 

I've got my pureed tomato and veggies all cut up in tiny bits. You know the jollof-rice making drill already. Heat the oil, pour in the tomato puree and let it bubble up. 

Now the fun part. Add the coconut milk and stir it to get a creamier mix. The colour of the sauce lightens a bit too. That should bubble for about 2 minutes. Stir in a bit of the veggies and then the rice. The quantity of rice should be just below the sauce. 

After some minutes of cooking with high heat, the sauce is almost dry and the rice isn't close to the texture that I want. No worries. No need for water. Turn the heat to its lowest and cover the pot with foil paper. I put one on top of another. Then the lid goes on top. 

The heat and steam from the covered pot cooks the rice to perfect consistency. Another method that I've seen is baking. The rice is transferred to an oven plate and baked until soft. But that's a long thing for me. The foil paper/low heat method works just fine. You can also use it for other rice recipes if you don't want to add too much water. 

This is the result after about 20 minutes. It's the consistency that I like. I added the veggies last because I like them with a little crunch.

And that's it. Look at that colour!

Mackerel and Greens Sauce

Preparing the greens for the sauce
I chopped the greens into large bits. Then dipped into a bowl of boiling hot water (with salt) and then strained. That cuts the tangy "green" smell so it doesn't ruin the taste of the fish and tomato sauce. 

The fish sauce is prepared pretty much the same way you'd make stew but with a lot greens. I marinated the fish in a pepper sauce for up to 20 mins before cooking. Normally, I'd make this with smoked Mackerel. But since I had the fresh ones lying about, I had to use them up.

The finished greens and mackerel sauce
Di dia mkpo (come and eat!)

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  1. Na wah, see packaging I'm cooking it tomorrow

  2. Sorry How do u get the rice to form into a bowl as shown in the picture

    1. Hey MrRy84, I just stuffed the rice in a small round bowl and turned it over on the flat plate.


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