Dark Clouds

I haven't been able to write anything these past two weeks. It has been a difficult time for my family and me. One that I hope we never have to pass through again. I cannot begin to describe the anguish. It was like we were characters in a catastrophic movie. A crime drama. One that was broadcast to a myriad of spectators.

But it’s over now. We can get back a semblance of our former lives. It won’t be the same. It might be better. Because we’ve earned it.

Forgive me for being cryptic. I’ll explain later. Maybe in another post. Lessons learned and all that jazz. For now, I just wanted to say hello. To explain that I didn’t flake out. I didn’t suddenly abandon my little space here for nearly two weeks for no reason.


Jollof Rice With Coconut Milk

I like all kinds of food. If it looks good and tastes good, I eat it. But since I’m currently living in the heart of Obio Efik (Efik land), surrounded by Efik kin, it’s only natural that I get to eat more of my local dish. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t make other kinds of food.

In fact, I’m like the consultant for all kinds of pepper soup and rice meals in my house. Jollof rice. Coconut rice. Fried rice. Concoction rice. Whatever rice. Everyone knows to call Adiaha (first daughter).

Efik Marriage “Knocking” Ceremony - Mbub Ndo K’ido Efik

I recently attended the Mbub (literally translated “asking”) of a close relative. It was my first time observing the activities in an Efik Mbub. I was expecting a small, intimate affair with only the two families involved but it turned out to be very elaborate. A Lot of guests. Affang and fufu very plenty. Enough drinks.

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