Valentine Then And Now

A pox on INEC for freeing up February 14. Now, there’s no excuse not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The pressure is back on ladies and gents. What are you getting for that special someone? Or are you thinking of taking the cowardly way out? Pick a fight this week. Make up next week.

I’m not expecting anything. I’ve only ever received those effusive hallmark cards and fake roses that ended up in the trash at the end of the day. I like observing Valentine’s Day activities though. Last year, I went to see a movie (who goes to see a movie at a cinema ALONE on Valentine’s Day?). I was amused to see the throng of youngins, walking hand-in-hand in their matching red and white outfits.

It brought back memories of secondary school. The days of puppy love and cheesy love letters. Valentine’s Day was the rave back then too. Thanks to the Mills & Boon novels I used to sneak into school, I had some warped ideals about love and relationships. I attended only co-ed schools so it was always fun watching the flurry of activities surrounding Valentine.

I remember some of the stories that used to go around. There was one about a girl who got a package, all wrapped up in beautiful Valentine colours. Instead of chocolates, a teddy bear and the usual gifts, she unravels a beautifully-wrapped box containing a packet of Cabin biscuits. If you don’t know about Cabin biscuit, then I’m sorry. You won’t get the joke.

Cabin biscuit for a Valentine’s Day gift? Cruel prank. I don’t believe it ever happened. There was nothing like social media back then to broadcast pictures and videos of the embarrassing moment. I didn’t see it. I just heard about it.

Imagine how simple things were back then. Without the smartphones. No facebook and Instagram. None of the showiness that is exhibited today. If it were now, that little Cabin biscuit incident would have gone viral. 

Things have changed. Thanks to social media, there’s more pressure to impress. I wonder who is getting the snazziest gift this year. Last year, I saw some ostentatious ones. The blinged-out designer watches. The Louboutin/Mackbook Pro/BB Porshe combo. Then there was the house.

This year should be bigger. I encourage you to show off those gifts on Facebook and Instagram. Let me have something to write about come February 14, 2016.

Meanwhile, all I want for Valentine is the Yellow Enzo Ferrari wrapped with a red bow just like in this picture. Any takers?

I hope you have a happy Valentine's Day y'all. May the odds be ever in your favour.

3 comments on "Valentine Then And Now"
  1. I've bought a ring for val but skinny Efik Gal says is not expensive enough *SIGH*

  2. I love your blog! Would be sticking around to watch it grow. Good luck!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your support! I'm pleased you'd be sticking around.


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