Efik Palmoil Rice (Iwuk Edesi)

Iwuk Edesi is very popular in these parts. It's known by a variety of names; Palmoil rice, MTN rice (it's yellow after all), Grandmother rice (I saw this one at the Tinapa Buffet Night) and Local Jollof rice. 

It's also one of the simplest meals to make. You only really need four basic ingredients — rice, crayfish, dry fish, palmoil and then your spices (pepper, salt and maggi). But we Efiks like to go all out. Cook big. Or don't cook at all! 

My Iwuk Edesi in Pictures.


I'm using pumpkin leaf (Ikong), Scent leaf (Ntong), Palm oil (ata adan), Smoked sole and cat fish (nsad ukpek ye inanga), crayfish (obu), Boiled goat meat (unam ebot) and the stock, rice (edesi)

Cooking Process

I start off by adding all the dry ingredients to the parboiled rice (fish, crayfish, pepper, Knorr and salt). Then, I add water just enough to soften the rice without making it soggy. As soon as the rice boils, in goes the palmoil.

Almost done

I like tomatoes, scent leaf and pumpkin leaf in my Iwuk Edesi but they are all optional ingredients. Pumpkin leaf is added last as it doesn't require much cooking. 

Voila! Food for the gods

Iwuk Edesi in all its glory

Let's eat

That's it! Pretty easy eh? Try it this weekend. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

9 comments on "Efik Palmoil Rice (Iwuk Edesi)"
  1. don't deceive us with photos yeah, dish out a serving of this let's taste and judge...😐😏😒

  2. Its great a go to meal for date nights fa.BTW i like the way u r subtly teaching us common market efik words. cultural influence award loading

    1. Thank you. That's the general idea; teach basic market efik.

  3. Nice one princess! I'm so edutained! Please can you mail me recipe- proportion,timing and closure. I need to practice this weekend.Lol

  4. I love iwuk edesi. My favorite of all, then seconded by coconut rice. Your method is cool. My mom cooks hers just this way, excluding the fresh tomatoes. I love to heat up my palm oil for just a min, pour in the onions and then salt and cover it for 20secs so the onions flavor mixes well with the palm oil. Then in goes blended pepper and onions again, fry it for 30secs, then my smoked fish fry for another 30secs to let the spice sip into the fish and vice versa, then the crayfish and knorr cubes for another 30secs, then I add water and then dried fish, cover it and let it boil out properly. In goes my parboiled rice. Cover and cook till the water is dried out, then I add my spinach stir and take the pot down, cover and let the heat cook up the spinach. That way the spinach is half-done and viola, iwuk edesi is ready.

    1. Thank you for visiting Keyo Bassey. Iwuk Edesi is also my favourite when it comes to rice dishes. I like your detailed explanation of your Iwuk Edesi cooking process. Makes my mouth water as I read it.

  5. oyo yo rice, edesi isip, iwuk edesi, afia edesi ye stew, edesi ye abak ubong, or edesi ye edikang ikong any which way they are all tasty

  6. LOL @ oyo yo rice. Ata inem edesi idi ayem. Mme mma Afia edesi ye Abak atama nko ..


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