Efik Fisherman Soup - Efere Ine

This soup is the creation of the fishermen (Oko Iyak) in the creeks. Ine is a shack where the fishermen stay while on their fishing expedition. These men could leave their homes for several weeks at a time. They usually stay to smoke some of the fish and shrimps in preparation for the market. Out there, they survive on food from the sea. 

Natural Beauty: Healthy Skin on a Budget

Let’s talk skincare today. How to nurture your skin to radiance without hurting your wallet. There are a lot of products with fancy names and ingredients out there. I used to buy into all the hype. Spending money I didn’t have on products with disappointing results.

Valentine Then And Now

A pox on INEC for freeing up February 14. Now, there’s no excuse not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The pressure is back on ladies and gents. What are you getting for that special someone? Or are you thinking of taking the cowardly way out? Pick a fight this week. Make up next week.

Efik Palmoil Rice (Iwuk Edesi)

Iwuk Edesi is very popular in these parts. It's known by a variety of names; Palmoil rice, MTN rice (it's yellow after all), Grandmother rice (I saw this one at the Tinapa Buffet Night) and Local Jollof rice. 

It's also one of the simplest meals to make. You only really need four basic ingredients — rice, crayfish, dry fish, palmoil and then your spices (pepper, salt and maggi). But we Efiks like to go all out. Cook big. Or don't cook at all! 

My Iwuk Edesi in Pictures.

What Nigerian Men Want – The Paradox

A friend sent me an email in response to my post Things I Don’t Want to Hear at 30 here. Even though it’s more of him musing about what he wants or doesn’t want in a wife, I thought it was interesting. So, I decided to post it here (with his permission of course).

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