Why I’m Skinny And Still Exercise

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By Naija standards and certainly that of my Efik roots, I need more flesh in the right places to boost my selling point. But if you’re judging based on a fitness perspective, I’m well within the normal BMI (Body Mass Index) range.There’s a common misconception that people who are slim shouldn’t exercise. 

Some of my relatives have given me grief about my regular fitness habit. To them, I should be focusing on putting on some pounds. No right thinking Efik man would want to go home with a girl who doesn't have enough cushion. They suggest that I consider the fattening room. But that’s a story for another day!

I’d like to address one question that I get a lot. What’s a skinny girl’s business with exercise?

These are my reasons:

Health and general wellbeing – Skinny does not mean healthy. Regular physical activity is important for EVERYONE to maintain cardiovascular and metabolic health. The smart doctors and health professionals keep preaching it. There are even studies that show that skinny people aren’t immune to developing heart-related diseases. Yikes! So much for being a couch potato.

Muscle definition and body toning – Call me vain if you like but this is by far my most important reason. Skinny people could also have flabby bodies and paunches. Don’t you just love it when that sexy bandage number sits how it’s supposed to? No need for the body shapers and what not. No love handles. Just a firm, flab-free body. I’m definitely seeing the perkiness of my bum as a result of regular squats.

Weight Maintenance – People say prevention is better than cure. I love to eat so exercise is a must. I want to be rocking this body well into my old age. Think of Halle Berry, Gabriel Union and a host of other gorgeous women who are aging gracefully.

I should also add that there are those who have been prophesying a rotund figure in the future for me. Regular exercise is my saviour against these "detractors."

You see, there's definitely more to exercise than weight loss!

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5 comments on "Why I’m Skinny And Still Exercise"
  1. Apparently there's still some of us who think hooking up with a plus size debutante is like bigamy or feels like a ménage...what's all that fundament doing all over the place? I wanna have my arms round my woman when I give her a hug as against having to hug her 3 times around just to conclude one hug....just saying, Tsk!!

    1. This cracked me up so much! Lol

  2. I can relate with this post.

    I am slim, I enjoy the rush of endorphins when I 'm working out, helps me de-stress. Plus, the toned and trimmed body isn't such a bad side-effect , lol :-D

    Best of all, I like the sense of well-being from exercising, It's my responsibility to take care of my body, it's the only one I've got.

    1. Yes Nedoux! I love the side effects that regular exercise is giving me. lol. Thank you for stopping by...


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