To New Beginnings

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while now. But I kept procrastinating. Tomorrow. No, next week. Maybe in another month. On and on I went. Truth is, I was terrified of putting my thoughts out there. I’ve been writing mostly for myself. It’s safe. I didn’t want to be criticized. Or judged.

I held on to my silly fears. Made all the excuses in the world and kept pushing the idea of blogging further into the future. I call them silly fears now because I thought way too hard about it. But then again, I'm my own biggest critic.

A few months ago, death dealt a blow close to home. It became very important for me to live. You see, life is not a guarantee. There’s no point just dreaming and making plans without taking the necessary steps toward fulfilling them. I thank those friends who have constantly reminded (and hounded) me to take the plunge. 

So, here’s to living. One day at a time. A toast to new beginnings. To lording over my fears.

Here, I write about life as I see it. The things that inspire me. The fun stuff. Efik culture. Food. Fitness. Natural skincare and everything nice…

I hope you would follow me on this journey of self discovery…


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2 comments on "To New Beginnings"
  1. You are Welcome too, Oya When will u share recharge card and do fastest fingers

  2. I look forward to reading your thoughts. Well done you


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