Ekpang Nkukwo

Ekpang Nkukwo

One of the things I love about being Efik is the food. We’re known for our mouth-watering dishes and their elaborate preparation process. I like to think that most Efik women (and some of the men) can cook. 

For us, food is much more than a means of sustenance. Food is a way of life, meant to be savoured. That’s why we take great care in the preparation, using a variety of rich ingredients.

We have a reputation for using “kop nno mi” (love potion) to snare unsuspecting men. But it’s just the love and attention which we use in preparing our meals. Nothing else.

I want to showcase a special delicacy that I made last weekend. My personal favourite. Ekpang Nkukwo. This is one of the dishes presented to the Nwan Nkugho (Efik maiden) in the fattening room.

My Ekpang-making process:

The ingredients:

Cocoyam leaf (Nkukwo), Periwinkle (Mfi), Boiled snails (Ekwong), Dried small fish (Ibad), Smoked Sole fish (Nsad Ukpek), Boiled goat meat (Unam Ebot), Grated cocoyam and wateryam (Mkpong ye Ebege), Ata Adan (Palmoil)
 I didn't include the ground crayfish (Obu) and shredded Scent Leaf (Ntong) in the picture. I mixed a bit of palm oil, pepper and Knorr cube into the grated cocoyam and wateryam. 

Before wrapping:

Periwinkle (Mfi) mixed with water (Mmong), Palmoil (Ata Adan), Pepper (Ntokon), Knorr Cube and Salt (Inong)
The wrapping process:

I like my wraps large so I can cut them up later while it's cooking. That way, everything is not mashed up and there's some bit to chew.

I don't have a picture of the Ekpang all wrapped up. But you get the idea.

The cooking:

Almost ready. Just before I added the Scent Leaf (Ntong)

There's a lot that goes into making Ekpang Nkukwo. It's always good to have a few people on hand to help out. Don't try to make this when you're very hungry. It's quite tasking. 

And we eat! I made this one sometime ago. 
Get the full recipe and preparation process here

4 comments on "Ekpang Nkukwo "
  1. Ah! I have tasted delicious Ekpang, I once had a lovely, generous neighbor who cooked this elaborate meal and she'd always deliver a hot plate to me :-)

    Your photos brought back nice memories.

    1. Hi Nedoux,

      Elaborate is a perfect word to describe Ekpang. It's sooo good and requires quite the effort to prepare it. Always worth it though

  2. Good old Ekpang Nkwukwo! Looks so yummy!! This used to be our Saturday afternoon meal when we were growing up. We would wake up, tasks would be distributed to us four girls (one person to grate the cocoyam, another to grate the water yam, another to cut the ikpa into tiny pieces, another to chop periwinkle). We did all these with great delight in anticipation of the delicious end result. when everything was ready, we would sit and wrap it all and then my mum would come and add the seasoning and straight off, the pot went to the fire with our watchful eyes over it...

    Thank God for food processors. We no longer have to go through the ordeal of grating by hand.

  3. Nigerian cuisine is so tempting. I have a Nigerian friend who always tells us stories about Nigeria and its beautiful culture. I am definitely surprising her with this yummy recipe which i will make for her tonight.


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