Body Magic: What You See, Not What You Get

I’ve been getting a series of broadcast messages advertising body shapers aka body magic. All of them assuring the buyer the hourglass shape of her dreams. A figure that’s guaranteed to make a man swoon. Because, it’s all about what the men want. Right? The law of demand and supply.

I was curious enough to open one of the links provided. No, I wasn’t looking to buy. Just curious. After all, what’s a skinny girl doing with body magic? Apparently, it can help a woman drop 2-3 dress sizes by lifting the bust and stomach for a curvier appearance. You can get an hourglass shape in 10 minutes or less (depending on how long it takes to squeeze into it). No gimmicks!

I don’t understand the body magic fad though. How is wearing it supposed to solve the excess weight issue considering you’d have to remove it again and watch the mounds of fat get back in place? I consider it false advertisement. Peddling yourself as what you’re not.

I read a funny article sometime ago about a man who sued his wife because their daughter didn’t inherit any of his dashing good looks or his wife’s Barbie features. The wife allegedly later confessed to having gone under the knife prior to meeting him.

I doubt the authenticity of the story. But you get where I’m going. False advertisement. Presenting a false image of yourself. That’s what body magic does. I’d be pretty cross to discover that the six packs on my Mr. Right is just an illusion. Yes, men have their own body-enhancing contraption too.  

Be true to yourself. Body magic should be a temporary fix. Not a permanent solution. You want to get rid of the excess fat and folds? Think exercise, healthy food choices and a healthy lifestyle.

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  2. Body magic or corsets have been around since the 1700s, men wore shapely armours to hide flabs. I think a man might not mind the folds aka shawarma tummy in the bedroom , but a bulgy tummy on date night is an ahhn ahhn. So In concluding men play the keeping up appearances game with their women, most men want to walk in with the hottest girl body magic or not

  3. Amazing review about the body shaper but I have a genuine question that doesn't they hurt your ribs or abdominal muscles on regular or one-time use? How do you get used to it?


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